AFSCME Backed Candidates Win Big In Spring Election

AFSCME Wisconsin members walked away from the Spring Election with much to be excited about!

At the state level, pro-worker Justice Rebecca Dallet was elected to the State Supreme Court and the referendum to remove the office of State Treasurer was defeated. Both of these wins are huge positives to working people and the State of Wisconsin.

Some other highlights from around the state include: 


After the votes were counted the Verona Common Council now has a decidedly pro-worker slant. Additionally, Verona’s Common Council has a majority of alders who are women, which makes it one of only three places in the state where that is true.


Abele and his cronies poured an immense amount of money into Milwaukee County Board races but, with hard work from our members, Board Members like Shea and Lipscomb were able to fend off well-funded opponents and continue representing working people on the Board. 


Chris Holmen has defeated the handpicked successor of the current County Executive, Patty Dreier! As Portage County grapples with major issues that will affect our members, a shift away from the vision of Dreier was necessary to ensure our members would be treated fairly.


Finally, a huge thank you to all the members who took times out of their busy lives to knock doors, make calls and have one-on-one conversations with other members to assist our endorsed candidates.

We also had several AFSCME Wisconsin members and retirees run for office. Thank you to each and every one of you. Your courage to fight for working people is an inspiration to us all!


There will be more updates and highlights from the Spring Elections coming in the next few days and at AFSCME Wisconsin’s Convention this weekend!