AFSCME Members Hit the Doors, Win Big for Workers With Governor Evers’ Reelection.

AFSCME Wisconsin’s member-led effort to reelect Governor Tony Evers began more than seven months ago at the AFSCME Council 32 Convention. The delegates unanimously voted to endorse Evers for reelection in recognition of his work rolling back harmful personnel policies and his strong defense against further attacks on working people.

After the endorsement vote, Pete Haney, a UW Madison administrative employee and President of AFSCME Local 2412 said, “We’ve seen the hostility of the Republican legislature to the agencies we work for, the services we provide to our communities, and to us as employees. We need Evers to block the attacks on the agencies that we work so hard for.”

AFSCME Members knew it wouldn’t be enough to simply stand by and hope Governor Evers would prevail in a tough midterm year. They knew what was at stake for workers in Wisconsin in 2022, and they got to work. Partnering with unions across the state through the Wisconsin AFL-CIO, AFSCME members knocked over 82,000 doors, made over 61,000 calls, and had tens of thousands of conversations with union members from Superior to Kenosha.

The mobilization effort was supported by an AFSCME PEOPLE campaign that delivered mail and digital advertisements to more than 50,000 voters, touting Evers’ stance on issues that matter to Wisconsin’s workers.

By reelecting Governor Evers and holding off anti-labor super-majorities in the state legislature, AFSCME members have won big for working people in Wisconsin. The defense against anti-worker bills and attacks on working families stands strong, thanks in large part to AFSCME members’ outstanding efforts.

But the work is by no means finished. Evers was a reliable partner and friend to workers from 2018 to 2022, but there is much work left to be done for our state and its workers. Elected officials are only as good as their word, and AFSCME members must hold Governor Evers and his administration accountable for the promises they made during the campaign. The effort and vigilance required to do so begins today.