AFSCME Members Win Dane County Parental Leave!

Excellent news has been announced today regarding the new Dane County Parental Leave Benefit.  In recent months our locals (2634, 1871, 720, 705 and 65) have discussed and requested a new paid leave benefit to help employees with new parental responsibilities. 

Today, we joined Executive Parisi and Dane County Board members in celebrating the public announcement that the requested benefit will be added to the 2018 Dane County Budget and will be included in our 2018 benefit package.

There are many questions about the details of this new benefit that we will work through in the coming weeks in meet and confer. For now, we know that the Executive’s Budget will include approximately $600,000 to provide for an additional six weeks of paid parental leave on top of existing leave benefits that may be taken intermittently in blocks of two weeks.  

We want to thanks Executive Parisi and the Dane County Board for working with us to establish this valuable new benefit. When we stand together we achieve positive change for workers!