AFSCME Responds To Walker's State Of The State

Today, Walker gave his final State of the State address before facing voters in the fall. 
As much as he attempted to spin his policies in a favorable light, Scott Walker’s time in office has been a series of misguided and failed policy initiatives.
Now, after seven years of bad leadership, we have seen the damage done when an administration does everything in its power to undermine the state it was elected to govern. 
As our chief executive, Walker has created systematic dysfunction in Wisconsin’s public infrastructure due to inadequate funding, staffing shortages and poor management. From veterans care homes, to our roads, to our prisons - citizens of this state are paying the price for Walker's misguided leadership. 
Although he may try to frame it otherwise, the legacy of Walker’s time in office will be the long-term damage done to the critical services the citizens of Wisconsin rely on in the name of tax breaks for his wealthy campaign donors.