AFSCME Secures 3% Raise For City Workers With Support Of Alder Lewis & Council President Hamilton


AFSCME Wisconsin thanks Alderwoman Lewis and Council President Hamilton for their leadership on a proposed 3% raise for the majority of City of Milwaukee employees. After listening to AFSCME members, and the challenges they endure providing essential city services, Common Council took unanimous action and funded a pay raise. Additionally, they ensured the funding for this raise was not taken out of worker pensions, but came from more appropriate sources.

“We are pleased to see the Common Council and the Mayor take this issue seriously,” said Mark Pelzek, AFSCME Local President and City Employee. “We look forward to working with them to implement this increase.”

“City employees are the heart and soul of our city,” said Alderwoman Lewis. “By providing this pay raise we are boosting morale and doing what is right. I thank AFSCME for their support.”

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