AFSCME Statement of Solidarity Honoring Juneteenth

Friday, June 19, 2020


SUBJECT: AFSCME Wisconsin Statement of Solidarity Honoring Juneteenth

AFSCME Wisconsin Statement of Solidarity Honoring Juneteenth

AFSCME Wisconsin applauds Milwaukee County Executive Order #20-15 initiated by County Executive David Crowley and Board of Supervisors Chairwoman Marcelia Nicholson. This Executive Order officially recognizes Juneteenth as a floating holiday for all county employees.

Juneteenth, which celebrates the end of slavery in America, commemorates the centuries-long violent struggle for freedom and dignity faced by Black Americans. AFSCME Wisconsin echoes County Executive Crowley’s sentiment that the Juneteenth holiday must be used as means for citizens and stakeholders to reflect on how we continue racial justice efforts in our lives and communities. AFSCME Wisconsin remains a devoted partner in the effort to achieve racial equity through access to excellent public services in every Milwaukee neighborhood, abolishing economic inequalities prevalent in Black communities and workplaces, and achieving earnest investment in employees and civic spaces.

AFSCME Wisconsin President Paul Spink stated, “every fourth of July, American workers are given the day to celebrate our hard-won freedoms and honor our history. We must do the same, every June 19th, to recognize the date on which those freedoms were extended to Black Americans. AFSCME Wisconsin is proud to support the measures honoring Juneteenth by County Executive Crowley and Chairwoman Nicholson.”

We call on all other Wisconsin municipalities and the State of Wisconsin to follow the lead of Milwaukee County, establishing Juneteenth as the holiday it rightfully deserves.

For more information, please contact AFSCME Wisconsin Communications Director Valerie Landowski  ([email protected]) or (715) 347-2740