AFSCME Wisconsin Opposes Republican Overreach Into Local Control

AFSCME Wisconsin is strongly opposed to proposed Republican legislation (LRB 4052 & 4827) designed to remove the freedom of local governments to manage workers the way they see fit.

LRB 4052 & 4827 reaches deep into the rights of local governments and restricts their ability to legislate fair benefits and treatment of workers. In addition, this legislation curtails the ability of municipalities to pass legislation regarding the minimum wage, occupational licenses and other programs that have had demonstrated success in creating jobs.

“Scott Walker and his Republican cronies are continuing their attacks on workers with these bills,” said Rick Badger, Executive Director of AFSCME Wisconsin. “This is a targeted strike against the job creating policies Dane County and other local governments have passed to overcome the poor leadership of the Walker administration. It is time for Republican who constantly complain about ‘big government’ to practice what they preach and keep out of local government. 

AFSCME Wisconsin represents workers across the state who work for county and municipal government.

For more information, please contact Michael Horecki ([email protected])