AFSCME Wisconsin Statement of Solidarity with Wisconsin Voices Workers


AFSCME Wisconsin Statement of Solidarity with Wisconsin Voices Workers

AFSCME Wisconsin extends its full solidarity and support to Wisconsin Voices workers currently organizing and seeking recognition for their newly formed staff union. AFSCME Wisconsin asserts that our workplaces and communities are healthier, safer, and more equitable when workers possess the power to determine the conditions under which they work and contribute.

AFSCME Wisconsin admonishes, in the strongest sense, the assault on Wisconsin Voices workers’ fundamental right to organize and rebukes Wisconsin Voices management’s deployment of union-busting tactics to silence workers.

AFSCME Wisconsin President Paul Spink stated, “the hypocrisy of Wisconsin Voices, or any progressive organization that engages in union-busting is appalling. It is our obligation to practice what we preach. We cannot stand for social and economic justice one day, and then cast aside the people who help us achieve success the very next. Management should be ashamed, as should anyone who continues to fund or participate in their work, until they rectify the harm they caused. Labor is watching, we will not forget.”

AFSCME Wisconsin urges all concerned community members, union members, partners, and allies to immediately contact the Wisconsin Voices board and demand that they immediately rescind their anti-worker tactics. For more information about assisting Wisconsin Voices workers, please go to

For more information, please contact AFSCME Wisconsin Communications Director

Valerie Landowski ([email protected]) or (715) 347-2740