AFSCME Wisconsin Thanks Milwaukee Alderpersons for Support of Furloughed Employees


AFSCME Wisconsin Thanks Milwaukee Alderpersons for their Efforts to Support Furloughed City Employees

AFSCME Wisconsin laments the City of Milwaukee Common Council vote to reject economic support for city employees during the COVID-19 response and a mounting economic crisis. To meet the 2020 city budget, the City of Milwaukee proposed furloughing over 200 employees and work sharing over 500.

AFSCME Wisconsin represents clerical, administrative, library services, neighborhood services, and Department of Public Works employees impacted by furloughs and work share.

On Friday, May 8, 2020 the Milwaukee Common Council rejected an amendment introduced by Alderwoman Chantia Lewis to make furloughed and work shared employees economically whole. The amendment would have allowed employees who had not received unemployment insurance benefits within two weeks of beginning their furlough to be recalled to work. This policy would have prevented employees’ loss of pay.

AFSCME Wisconsin Vice President Mark Pelzek stated, “although we acknowledge the reality the City faces with revenue, employees want to partner with the City to find a solution. The furlough and work share plans were formulated without worker input. Being briefed after decisions have been made does not qualify as input. Workers need to be involved.”

Pelzek continued, “we want to thank Alderwoman Lewis and those who voted for employee support in writing. We appreciate their continued efforts to protect the financial well-being of Milwaukee employees. It is disappointing that some alderpersons told workers they would advocate for them and then they voted against this amendment. It is clear this amendment would have alleviated the anxiety of city employees.”

For more information, please contact AFSCME Wisconsin Communications Director Valerie Landowski ([email protected]) or (715) 347-2740