American Red Cross Settles NLRB Complaint

AFSCME Local 1205, the American Red Cross and the NLRB are entering into an informal settlement of the complaints that were made in August about the implementation of cross training. 

Through this settlement the Red Cross agrees to restore the conditions that existed before it started to require blood collection technicians to load and drive trucks and encouraged truck loaders/drivers to perform blood drawing and donor care work that has traditionally been performed only by blood collection technicians represented by AFSCME Local 1205 members in Wisconsin.

The settlement also includes a notice of these changes to employees, and minor monetary compensation to 1205 represented employees who have lost work and pay to the truck loader/drivers who the Red Cross directed to perform the blood and health history work.  

“In pressing for the continued separation of these two positions, we are bargaining to ensure that Red Cross blood donors get the best care possible when donating blood,” said AFSCME Representative Neil Rainford.  

Looking ahead, the Union will continue to stand with workers to defend against unfair labor practices. 

For more information please contact Michael Horecki ([email protected])