Scott Walker Finally Addresses Juvenile Prisons

AFSCME is pleased to see Governor Walker finally address the problems in the juvenile corrections system after nearly 7 years of crisis in the division.

“We are glad to see Scott Walker finally take action on this pressing issue, but the devil is in the details,” said Rick Badger, Executive Director of AFSCME Wisconsin. “How are the proposed 5 regional facilities going to be built and funded? Will the state fulfill its commitment to any staff members displaced as part of the reorganization?  In order to restore public confidence in the system, is the state committed to utilizing highly trained public employees with supervisors and administrators directly accountable to our elected leaders? We look forward to seeing the fine print for this plan.”

AFSCME has advocated for aggressive action at the Lincoln Hills School for Boys and Copper Lake School for Girls for the last several years, and in particular after a staff member, Pandora Lobacz, was assaulted by an inmate. 

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Michael Horecki