All-knowing sources of information. Tour guides to the highways and byways of history. The friendly voice of a morning story time. If that’s all you think of when you think of your library staff, you’d do well to meet some of AFSCME’s library workers, whose reach goes far beyond their libraries’ walls.

Today is National Library Workers Day, when we honor those professionals who keep our libraries running: librarians, technicians and other staff, including custodians, security and maintenance workers.

Re: AFSCME WI 2019-2021 Budget Priorities Talking Points, Joint Finance Committee Hearings

The following talking points are intended to help AFSCME members, our families, and communities support Governor Evers’ proposed 2019-2021 budget measures before the Joint Finance Committee. If you have questions in preparing your testimony, please contact AFSCME WI Communications Director, Valerie Landowski at [email protected].

Fifty-one years ago, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. traveled to Memphis to help rally the community around 1,300 AFSCME sanitation workers who had gone on strike.

In the 1980s, I was living and going to school in Minnesota when women who worked for state government won a big victory. They got the state to increase the pay of women in “female dominated jobs” by passing a pay equity bill. In other words, they put a dent in the gender pay gap. As a student, I researched and wrote about the process of crafting, passing and implementing that legislation. And I learned something that I have never forgotten: the union made it happen. And not just any union. Our union: AFSCME. 

Our union gained more than 9,000 dues-paying members and nearly 19,000 dues-paying retirees in the last year, suggesting that billionaires and corporations are failing in their effort to “defund and defang” public service unions.

Workers in Missouri and New Mexico have chalked important victories against anti-worker laws that would have robbed them of their voices and the right to bargain collectively.

In Missouri, two separate anti-worker measures, HB 1413 and SB 1007, were halted by state courts last week.

AFSCME Council 32 is proud to announce the upcoming annual Council 32 Convention taking place in scenic Elkhart Lake, WI on April 5-7, 2019. We have a packed schedule and we are looking forward to a weekend of building power, comradery, and action! 

Below are some helpful forms for locals, leaders, and delegates. If you have convention questions please call us at (608) 826-1932 or send us email at [email protected].

AFSCME Wisconsin Council 32 is proud  to announce its 2019 scholarship program! Council 32 is devoted to improving educational accessibility for hardworking AFSCME families. This year, Council 32 offers two scholarships for dependents of a current AFSCME member and one scholarship for a current member. These scholarships may be used for any field of study. 

The scholarships offered are:

1-   $3,500.00 Jim Boyd Memorial Scholarship to a high school senior (dependent of a current member)