Patrick Wycoff

Executive Director

Patrick Wycoff is Council 32’s Executive Director. Wycoff, who also has served on the original Council 32 Executive Board, is based at the Council’s Milwaukee headquarters.

Wycoff got involved with our union as soon as he began working as a laborer at Winnebago Mental Health Center in 1998. He was elected Local 48 president in the wake of Act 10. Despite all the hurdles built into that anti-worker legislation that hit many employees with pay cuts of nearly 20%, Local 48 has maintained a strong member base through energetic member-to-member organizing efforts.

While busy fighting to maintain a vibrant union voice at Winnebago, Wycoff enrolled as a full time student at Ashford University, where in 2016 he earned a bachelor’s degree in human resources management with a minor in organizational management.