AFSCME supports a proposal in Congress to ease the financial burden on child care professionals who provide meals and snacks.


AFSCME Wisconsin Statement on Assembly Speaker Robin Vos & Republican Caucus Proposed COVID Legislation 

The COVID-19 legislation proposed by Assembly Speaker Robin Vos and the Assembly Republican caucus further endangers the health and safety of Wisconsinites and essential workers. As introduced, the proposal is an utter disgrace to our communities.


AFSCME Wisconsin Response to City of Madison Voluntary Time Away Changes  


SUBJECT: AFSCME Wisconsin Statement Seeking a Collaborative Approach to City of Madison Furloughs  

AFSCME Wisconsin Statement Seeking a Collaborative Approach to City of Madison Furloughs

President-elect Joe Biden and Vice president-elect Kamala Harris on Monday brought together business and union leaders, including AFSCME President Lee Saunders, for a virtual meeting to discuss an economic recovery agenda for the country.

Following the meeting, Biden warned of a “dark winter” ahead for the nation and highlighted consensus among the labor leaders and CEOs alike on the need to fund the front lines.


AFSCME Wisconsin Statement of Solidarity with Wisconsin Voices Workers

AFSCME Wisconsin extends its full solidarity and support to Wisconsin Voices workers currently organizing and seeking recognition for their newly formed staff union. AFSCME Wisconsin asserts that our workplaces and communities are healthier, safer, and more equitable when workers possess the power to determine the conditions under which they work and contribute.

It was bad enough that the Trump administration failed miserably in its response to the coronavirus pandemic, ignoring the science and failing to come up with a national strategy.

It was pathetic and tragic when Republicans in Congress failed to summon the courage to support the everyday heroes who saved our communities by funding the front lines.


AFSCME Wisconsin Statement on Historic Statewide Organizing Program and 2020 Electoral Victories

AFSCME Wisconsin applauds the landmark organizing work of AFSCME members, retirees, and local leaders which helped deliver a historic electoral victory for Wisconsin’s working families. Amid a global pandemic, AFSCME members mobilized to elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as the next President and Vice President of the United States, and contributed to the highest electoral turn out in our nation’s history.

With so much at stake for working families in the 2020 election, AFSCME members across the country stood up to the challenge once again. Although the pandemic prevented us from putting thousands of boots on the ground as we normally do, AFSCME members still made a huge difference in key races across the country.