Discipline / Peer Support / Appeal

How To Use Union Peer Support

Under UW Health policies 9.55, you no longer have the right to select a Peer Support of your choice to attend an Investigatory Meeting or a meeting to appeal disciplinary action. Tell your supervisor that you want  a peer support to accompany you and document if they deny you peer support. 

From Discipline Policy 9.55: Employee Frequently Asked Questions

A disciplinary action can be issued as a Verbal Warning, Written Warning, Final Written Warning or Termination. In most circumstances, progressive discipline will apply. Discipline will remain in your personnel file indefinitely. Most discipline will be considered “active” as it relates to future discipline steps for one (1) year from date of issuance. HIPAA (9.11) and Attendance (9.13) have stand-alone policies which outline how discipline would be issued in the case of a policy violation. Behavior/conduct or other policy violations will be included within the same discipline track.

Eligibility to transfer is impacted when you receive discipline for at the level of Written Warning and above

Your leader does not need to provide you a written notice before an investigation or disciplinary meeting.

Peer support will no longer be offered. If you have concerns about meeting with your supervisor individually, please contact the HR Service Center at 263-6500 and ask to speak with your Employee Relations Consultant (ERC).

What can AFSCME do?


  • AFSCME will advise members on appeals for discipline or violations of the UW Health handbook.
  • We will train and support UW Health member peer representatives (stewards) for member support. (See UW Health policies 9.55 for complete information on peer support.)
  • We will be a resource for and an advocate on State and Federal workers' rights laws. These include, but are not limited to the Family Medical Leave Act, Workers Compensation, the American Disability Act and Equal Rights Laws.


  • Local 1942 continues to maintain its office at 1602 South Park St. Room 110, Madison, WI at the
    Labor Temple.  Our phone number will remain 608-233-1942 and our web-site will remain www.Local1942.org.
  • Council 32’s phone number is 826-1932.  Our staff organizer is Mike Stahl.
  • Local 1942 will continue to have an Executive Board and Membership Meetings the LAST THURSDAY of the month at 5:00 PM.  

 Collective Action:

  • We will work with the Administration of UW Health to maintain and improve our relationship with the hospital and our members.
  • We will continue to work with well-established labor and social justice coalitions; locally, state-wide and nationally, to address issues as they arise at the UW Health.
  • We are only as strong as our membership.  We need a strong and active membership to effectively advocate for employees. This Means  you!!

 Political Action:

  • AFSCME’s State Lobbyist has many years of experience advocating for workers in Wisconsin. We will continue to address worker issues with law makers at the Municipal, County and State Level.
  • AFSCME has one of the top Political Action programs in the State.  We will continue to work with our many partners in labor and other civic groups to impact local and state elections.
  • AFSCME will lay the groundwork to bring back full union rights once to political pendulum moves back to a government that again supports its workers.

 Members Benefits:

  • AFSCME International Advantage provides over 30 discounts for its members. This includes credit cards, health and legal resources, mortgage resources, etc. (Go to www.afscme.org for more information.)
  • AFSCME International, Wisconsin Council 32, South Central Federation of Labor and the AFL-CIO offer scholarships for members and their children.
  • AFSCME offers free Accidental Death and Dismemberment benefit ($3,500 per member) through American Income Life for all members.
  • AFSCME offers Union Dental as a supplemental dental coverage to its union members.