Local 1942 History

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 Local 1942 Structure and History

University of Wisconsin Hospital & Clinics Authority Board Employees Local 1942 is the union local that  represents approximately 3,100 employees. The local represents Administrative Support, Blue Collar, and Technical occupations. Most of the local's members are located at the hospital, although Local 1942 also represents workers at many facilities outside the hospital, such as the University Station, East and West Clinics, and the ASB and PSC buildings.

Local 1942 came into being in July 1996 when we were split off from UW Local 171 (Technical and Blue Collar) and UW Local 2412 (Administrative Support). As part of these two locals that covered UW-Madison, we had a long and proud history as independent-thinking locals that constantly pushed for a stronger union. The action of AFSCME in splitting us off into a new local was controversial at the time.  The impetus was the transformation of the hospital into a public authority by the Wisconsin legislature.

Local 1942 is part of Wisconsin State Employees Union Council 32 and AFSCME International.