Union Leadership

What does it mean to be a leader of Local 1942?  The membership looks to the union for information primarily during two periods of time, bargaining and when they have a PDI (Pre Disciplinary Investigation).   Outside of master contract bargaining, we are responsible for contract enforcement, local negotiations, PDI’s, grievances, arbitrations, training, questions and concerns, Labor Management, Health and Safety, membership meetings, executive board meetings, Council 24 executive board, conferences, elections, problem solving, countless phone calls/emails, investigations, open record requests, and conflict resolution, just to name a few!! 

 We have to attend monthly meetings for training and continuing education to properly enforce the contract to stay knowledgeable of our contract.  Conferences allow us access to labor law attorneys for training, voting on motions to improve the Local, process improvements, and other intangible assets utilized to better represent the employees at UWHC.  When attending meetings, we are not paid by the hospital, which potentially causes us to lose any overtime we may have earned during that week.  We are required to have a vast knowledge of the operations and contract to be a reference at a moments notice.

 The numbers.  We represent over 3000 employees in over 100 separate classifications.  We have 5 executive board members.

It may seem like an undaunting task when you look at it from the surface, but the limited number of leaders we have rise to the occasion on a daily basis.  While you may not always agree with circumstances in the workplace, your union always works to provide the best work environment possible for all.  The only way to ensure change is to get active in the solution and not become part of the problem.  Nothing changes, if nothing changes!

 Progress not perfection!  We are very few in number but are strong in resolve doing what we can to best represent all in UWHC.  Support your union to make it stronger.  Bring your suggestions, ideas, and improvements forward to a membership meeting near you!!